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Incentive Magazine Announces #1 Employee Award

GiftCard Partners recently reported that the
2011 Gift Card IQ Survey reveals good news for retailers & merchants when it comes to “bigger” incentive gift card budgets. Retailers and merchants may be celebrating an increased use of gift cards when other consumer spending categories have slowed, but the Corporate Gift Card IQ Report also announces good news for employers who use gift cards as incentives and for those who wish to use them. Some interesting information was uncovered in Incentive's September report, which outlined the respondents' a couple personal questions and it revealed more data.

  • "Gift cards" was the most common response when asked "What was the best corporate give you have ever received?"
  • Gift cards was the #1 category for corporate gift giving @ 59.8%
  • Customers/clients were reported to receive gifts @ 66.8% and employees at 62.1%
    Incentive Magazine Online

Many interesting data points, charts, and research in this report; read the full report here: 
Turning It Around: Our 2011 Gift Card IQ Survey and
2011 Corporate Gift IQ: More for Less        

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