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Measuring Employee Engagement

Posted, by Rachel Merkin on 05/08/2012

Measuring employee engagement is crucial to ensuring that your organizations' time and money are well invested in these kinds of programs. Establishing a successful employee engagement and rewards program can be measured in just a few short steps.

Investment: Time and level of effort put in by leaders and managers to connect with the workforce.

Immersion: The frequency and quality of direct connections by leaders and managers. These connections provide a sense of support between leaders and managers and the workforce. This immersion provides a level of comfort that can stem from a variety of situations including access to senior management, professional development opportunities, career building workshops, among others.

Interactivity: The frequency and quality of communication and collaboration exchanges. Interactivity builds camaraderie within the organization across personnel levels.

Interest: The awareness, interest and knowledge in the workforce about their workplace. Engaging employees in their work leads to a more fulfilled workforce, and higher retention rates. Providing spot rewards, such as The Cheesecake Factory gift card, for desired behavior such as dedication and organizational loyalty, helps to create initial interest and boost participation in employee engagement programs. 5. 
Improvement: The act and actions that contribute to getting better—individually and collectively. The drive to improve is the ultimate goal of employee engagement. Constantly measuring the success of the program will ensure efficiency in reaching this goal.


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