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5 great ways to motivate your employees

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Here are 5 great ways to motivate your employees. Using a mix of reward techniques will help meet different kinds of employee needs. Do you use any of these techniques? If so, leave us a comment and let us know how effective you find them, and if not let us know what other techniques you find effective.

1. Side projects- Giving employees side projects to work on in addition to their daily responsibilities gives them both a sense of purpose, as well as giving the organization efficiency in staffing. Side projects allow employees to go above and beyond in an area of the business they are most interested in. This gives professional development opportunity and a constructive diversion that can prevent burn-out.

2.Telecommuting- Although this does not work for most companies, allowing flexibility with telecommuting is key. Allowing employees to work from home on a Friday, or a day when they are stuck without a babysitter, shows flexibility and support of the organization. Employees can still be productive at home, and it allows them to have an accommodating schedule when they need it.
3. A financial stake in the business- Providing employees with an appropriate amount of stock options, discounted stock options as part of their compensation package, or as a reward for reaching a goal is a great way to make them really feel that they have a stake and an impact.
4. Paid, paid vacation- Companies offer various levels of a "paid vacation." Some companies provide a trip for employees once a year, while some only provide the traditional paid vacation days. A great compromise between the two is providing a gift card to employees for use on their vacation. A 
restaurant gift card to a popular restaurant like
The Cheesecake Factory is a great way to send the message that their organization supports their time off.
5. A clear career path- Being honest and open with employees about when and how they can advance within the organization allows them to set goals and plan their future with the organization they are already working for. This improves employee retention and job satisfaction.

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