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B2B Gift Cards and Vouchers, a Smart Corporate Trend

The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association recently announced that the sales of vouchers and gift cards increased by 9% last quarter (Q2-12), while the gift card/voucher industry as a whole has grown 5%.
GiftCard Partners believes so deeply in the corporate use of gift cards as employee incentives, like health  and wellness program incentives and sales incentives, employee rewards, and customer loyalty tools, that a growing percentage of our staff is focused on selling gift cards in bulk to the corporate channel. GiftCard Partners recently launched
maxchoice international vouchers, which offer great options to reward employees with vouchers that are redeemable at more than 1,000 top retailers throughout Europe and leisure and service providers throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. maxchoice brings you options that allow your corporate incentive program the flexibility of choice:

  • maxchoice premium-voucher-europe
  • maxchoice premium-voucher-world
  • European country specific voucher
  • Digital or physical vouchers available

Source: B2B Marketing Research News:
Corporate gift card sales increase

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