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Employer vs. Employee Perspectives on Employee Incentives

One of the most important challenges that employers share is undoubtedly reducing health care costs, while maintaining the perception of high healthcare value being offered to employees. But, employer and employee perspectives can be greatly skewed.

  • Many employees are not aware of the strong connection between their health and their employer’s health care dollar (or even their own). Many are also less aware than their employer of the positive impact that small behavior changes can make on both sides of the health care cost reduction effort.
  • “2 out of 3 employees can’t estimate how much their employer spends on their benefits”…yet employers are footing most of the bill. This disconnect can leave employers AND employees feeling under-appreciated.  How can you improve these benefits communications? Read Are you Getting the Most Our of Your Benefits Package post; it includes links to how to invest in a benefits communication strategy and more…

Click the infographic below to enlarge and learn more perspectives on Employee Health and Incentives.

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