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Where is Gamification Going?

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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As gamification grows in the employee reward and incentive market, and across the marketing world in general it is important to look forward at where this growing trend is headed. There are all types of theories on where gamification is going, but either way one thing is for sure: gamification is here to stay.

Some gamification experts think gamification will get more and more personal as more digital content becomes compatible with mobile.  Similarly, other experts believe gamification will revolutionize workplace rewards, based on the amount of feedback data employers can use to better maximize their reward programs. Still other experts think that gamification will be embedded in employee interactions and internal engagement.

Gamification is also used across a wide variety of use cases to reward employees for behavior from providing support for healthy lifestyles through a CVS/Pharmacy Select Card as part of a Health and Wellness program, or using gift cards such as those for popular restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory, or helping employees with their living expenses by offering rewards to grocery retailers such as Albertsons.

Regardless of which projection you align with for the future of gamification it is clear that this is an important part of employee rewards and incentives going forward. Gaming is a great way to engage employees and motivate individuals and teams alike toward rewards like extra time off, or a gift card to enjoy a meal at a favorite restaurant, on the employer. Gaming in the workplace is also great for employers, providing a measurable ROI, through the steady timely feedback employers can gather about the effectiveness of gamification on their workforce, as their employees interact.

For more information on the future of gamification check out this article in VentureBeat. 
Healthper is another great resource for workplace gamification in the health and wellness space.  

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