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The Importance of Saying Thank You

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Saying "thank you" is a small gesture that often goes a long way. In the workplace a simple "thank you" from a boss to an employee, or from upper management to a workforce can help keep employees motivated, loyal to the business, and productive. According to a survey this year of 2,007 people 
for from the John Templeton Foundation, only 10% of employees say thank you to a colleague every day, and a mere 7% express gratitude daily to a boss. The same study indicated that spouses, children, even mail carriers were more likely to receive a thank you or other gratification from adults in the workforce. The majority of HR managers believe that showing gratitude increases retention rates, and 49% of those HR Managers believe that the simple act of  saying "thank you" in the workplace can increase profits. Expressing gratitude to bosses, subordinates, and colleagues builds trust and culture in a company. For employers and management it is important to show gratitude, as well as express it. Providing small rewards for a job well done allows employees to feel the impact of a "thank you." Whether it is a simple 
CVS/Pharmacy gift card to help with everyday expenses, a gift card to 
The Children's Place to help get the kids special holiday outfits, or a 
1-800-Flowers gift card to help employees pass the gratitude on; small rewards given as "thank you's" to employees can go a long way.
For more information on the importance of saying "thank you" and expressing gratitude in the workplace check out this article from the Wall Street Journal.

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