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Employee Recognition Goes Social

Posted, by Lauren McAuley on 01/07/2013
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Social media has made a big BOOM in the workforce. If you don’t believe it just ask any one of your employees using Facebook and LinkedIn, or, check their Tweets. As employees dive headfirst into the social media pool, it’s time for their employers to take the leap too. You can join the 40% of U.S. employers that have a social media at work policy, or you or you can join the
workplace socialization movement. This has led to the  development of a “Facebook for work” type of forum, where projects and goals can be shared and discussed publicly and workers are able to participate in the conversation by “liking” or “commenting”. Incentive Magazine’s, Jennifer Lumba, discusses some helpful tips on how to best use these popular social networks to leverage the most out of social recognition in the workplace:
Name names, and name them often- Leveraging social networks is a great way to praise and acknowledge those that go above and beyond on a company-wide scale.
Allow recognition to go beyond just employer to employee- By adding voting or ‘liking’ to status updates you can give the opportunity for peers and managers alike to acknowledge a job well done.
Make the goal clear- Defining and publishing goals that team members can then sign up for creates a public forum for praise and recognition when workers succeed in making progress towards those goal.
Check out more tips on how to take your recognition program social.

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