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The ROI of Employee Engagement

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Employee engagement is on the rise according to the Tempkin Employee Engagement Index. Employee engagement can have many positive effects on an organization. Here are a few examples of the variety of benefits an engaged workforce can have on your organization as a whole.

  • Companies with strong financial results report around 75% engaged employees —compared to organizations with weak financial results who only report an employee engagement rate of 47%.
  • Engaged employees are more than twice as likely as non-engaged employees to go the “extra mile” at work. These employees staying late, collaborate with colleagues, and recommend organizational improvements.
  • 96% of engaged employees responded that they "always or almost always" try their hardest — only 79% of non-engaged workers responded that way.
  • 75% of employees of companies reporting better-than-average customer experience levels are highly or moderately engaged, while only 34% of employees in companies with lesser customer experience levels are highly or moderately engaged.
A great way to further employee engagement at your organization is to reward and recognize employees with small denomination gift cards. These small gifts paired with public recognition of employee accomplishments and going "above and beyond" employees' typical organizational roles. Providing small gifts to useful retailers such as CVS/Pharmacy or AutoZone can help maintain high levels of employee engagement over longer periods of time.

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