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Low Cost Employee Loyalty Can Still Be Effective

With employers always looking for new ways to engage employees at work, in hopes of boosting employee loyalty metrics, we looked to our neighbors from the north for some advice. Here are three quick and easy ways you can maximize loyalty at your organization, without attaching any budget to the effort.

  1. Solicit Feedback. Ensure that employees have a forum to provide feedback to the organization. This ensures that your company can adjust to the needs of employees, and makes employees feel appreciated and that their opinion is helping to shape the organization.
  2. Recognize Achievements Publicly. When an employee meets or exceeds company expectations make sure they know it and their peers know it. Recognition of desired behavior helps employees at all levels to hear it.
  3. Ensure Executives are Available. Even if it is for an hour once a month, make sure that your high ranking company officers make themselves available to more junior level employees. This provides unique access for junior employees to get to know the people running the company, and help them form a bond and loyalty towards those individuals.

For more information on maintaining employee loyalty within your organization check out this article from The Canadian.

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