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Employee Motivation Key to Employee Satisfaction

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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We all learned in Psych 101 about
Maslow's hierarchy. The same way that you can't worry about your safety if you can't breathe, employees can't focus on their work if there is no employee motivation. When employees become stagnant in their positions they start to focus on everything but the task at hand, not to mention focusing on finding other more motivating job opportunities. Below are Brian Ward's, co-founder of Affinity Consulting and Training Inc., 
seven key motivators. Employee motivation fits these criteria in a unique way.

LinkedIn Employee Motivators Brian Ward,
What Motivates People?

  Apply these seven key motivators to the design of your team's work structure. For example, give employees control over the way projects get done, as long as deadlines are met on time. Ensure the output of employee effort is meaningful to the employee and their goals. Provide opportunities for advancement. Ensure that you're giving appropriate praise and rewards for a job well done. These relatively small adjustments in the way your team gets their jobs done will not only harvest employee motivation that will lead to greater productivity, it will also ensure that employees remain satisfied with their positions and loyal to your organization. Employee motivation leads to satisfaction and employee loyalty.

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