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Starting 2015 with Employee Motivation

ilovemyjobAs we embark on 2015 and our workforce has shaken off the holiday rust it's important to think about how to maintain a culture of motivation not just through the cold winter months but throughout the year. Here are a few ways to keep employee motivation, productivity and job satisfaction at the top of your company's priority list all year long.

  • Encourage Ownership: Giving employees autonomy and freedom allows them to grow into their roles and feel real ownership and accountability for their position. It motivates employees to work harder and keeps employee goals in mind. Keep their eyes on the prize and the work and satisfaction will accomplish itself.
  • Define Culture: If your employees are not only working for their clients, but for the "good of the company" too, it is important to define what that "good" is. Having a defined culture with guidelines and expectations keeps management and the workforce on the same page. This way everyone's expectations can be met and even exceeded.
  • Create a Successful Atmosphere: Remember when your mom told you to dress for success? Well the same should go for your office. Creating an atmosphere where employees can succeed is critical. This can mean something different for each organizations with depending on the culture. For some, it may be creating flexible workspace, for others, collaborative space and/or quiet individual space. Whatever success looks like for your organization, make sure your office space reflects that.

For more information on establishing and maintaining employee motivation throughout the year, head over to Forbes.

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