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Company Culture Leads to Employee Empowerment

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Company CultureThe most effective employees are those that feel empowered to do their job and learn and grow into the best contributor they can, not those that feel caught up in a hierarchy or a corporate system. Although employee engagement and employee empowerment are important in creating a successful workforce,
according to a recent Inc.com article, emphasizing these two key components can actually be counter intuitive. Here are a few tips to creating employee empowerment and engagement without emphasizing it.

  • Live Out Organizational Beliefs: Your organizational decision making patterns and how you shape your company is your company culture. Don't spend time trying to artificially create company culture. If you make decisions to the best of your ability and knowledge, the culture of employee empowerment and employee engagement will follow.
  • Company Culture Breeds Employee Engagement and Empowerment: Semco increased their revenue by two and a half times and attributes the dramatic growth to an empowered and engaged workforce. Neither empowerment or engagement are emphasized. There is no engagement program, no employee rewards. Just a great company culture that rewards hard work and results. The company culture crafts the desired employee behavior, and vice versa.

Company culture and employee empowerment and engagement are inextricably linked. Don't push one and you'll create both.
For more information head over to Inc.com.

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