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Take Your Sales Incentives to the Next Level

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Sales Incentives We've talked a lot about
gamification and
sales incentives over the years. From a cutting edge concept to an integral part of some sales organizations, gamification works to motivate salespeople through friendly competition and achievable metrics set by employers. Gamification is great but it can create a lot of work for the employer and sales management. Organizations like Chattanooga-based
Ambition, seek to take your gamification platform to the next level, integrating both digital and automated aspects. As Jared Houghton, one of the co-founders of Ambition, says in a recent Inc.com
article, they are working to "transition from whiteboards to dashboards." These platforms don't like the word "gamification" so let's use sales motivation instead. Automated sales motivation platforms simply allow employers to define their metrics for success and track each salesperson's goals and productivity. The platforms also provide a healthy dose of competition by tracking salespeople against each other and comparing numbers. Every organization does sales incentives their own way, and there are reservations that this system could get too public, giving salespeople too much access to their peers' performance. That being said, it’s important that employers look closely at both their employees and the dynamic within the company before launching in to this type of open platform. Supporters stand firm that in a world where business systems are increasingly digital, giving employees the self-motivation to take their own performance to the next level through digital tracking that can be monitored by the employer really automates what can be a tedious process. Self-motivation associated with sales incentive platforms can also boost employee autonomy which furthers the desired motivation outcome. These technologies are new, cutting edge and have the power to transform how sales motivation and sales incentives happen. The GiftCard Partners team can't wait to see how gift cards and virtual gift cards play into systems like Ambition. Imagine having a system where when a team member met or exceeded personal benchmarks, they were automatically sent an eGift card straight to their inbox?      

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