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Adam Merkin

Adam is currently attending Syracuse University as a Marketing and Advertising dual major in the Whitman School of Management and the Newhouse School of Public Communications. Excited to see where life will take him, Adam is happy to be able to learn and absorb real-world experience in marketing and sales. In his free time Adam can be found on the tennis court or watching his local Boston sports teams play.

Recent Posts

Let's Talk About Employee Flu Shots

The flu is no laughing matter. Each year there are more than 111 million sick days taken from the flu which leads to 7 billion dollars in lost productivity. Flu season officially starts in October and ends in May, making summer the ideal time to start preparing your workforce. This can mean educating people on simple things they can do in order to stay healthy; like washing their hands throughout the day, carrying tissues, and drinking the recommended 64 ounces of water every day. So what can you, the employer do? Provide employee flu shots.

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The Future of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs have been around for a while, in fact, approximately 76% of companies have implemented a corporate wellness program or resource. But like most new ideas, there comes a point where things evolve, and that time for corporate wellness programs is now. Take a look at how corporate wellness has already changed what the future holds for wellness and how it could effect to your program.

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4 Tips to Save Money on Business Travel

Business travel expenses can really add up quickly. In a 2015 study, PayStream Advisors reported that 63% of companies surveyed spent more than $100,000 annually on travel and expense costs. There is a critical balance between keeping employees happy on the road and protecting your bottom line. Keeping in mind that travel expenses include everything from meals and lodging, special events, and airline tickets, to gas and taxis, take a look at these tips to save money on your employees’ business travel.

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As E-Gift Card Purchases Increase, Risk Does Too

E-Gift Cards are great and we aren't the only ones who think so: e-gift card purchases to continue to increase every year. They fit directly into consumer’s busy life and our culture of having everything at our fingertips. E-gift cards are the picture of convenience and ease and are continually being integrated into mobile wallets and apps on cell phones. Retailers are even creating online malls for consumers to do all their shopping from the comfort of their own home.

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Engaging Employees with Safety Incentives

Employee safety and wellness are fast becoming a top priority for organizations. In a given year, companies spend over $170 billion in costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. To reduce these costs, and to keep employees engaged and healthy, you need a successful safety incentives program, but that will not create itself. Employees do not just see a safety program and buy in 100% for an indefinite amount of time. Employees need to be incentivized to engage in the programs that you are putting out there for their, and your, benefit.

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