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Jennifer DiPietro

Jennifer DiPietro has been managing B2B gift card programs since 2010. A lover of social media, she has recently decided to get back into blogging as well as delve deeper into the world of marketing. Native to New England, she enjoys the beauty of the coast, but also loves the cold, snowy winters. She is obsessed with Boston sports and the Denver Broncos.
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Recent Posts

5 Ways to Live Healthier in the New Year

The thing on everyone's minds at the end of every year is new year's resolutions. Every January, 1 in 3 Americans resolve to live healthier that year, but within 6 months less than half of those people are still on target. Why? A common challenge is choosing a resolution that's too vague (e.g. what does "healthier" mean exactly?).

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The Price Of Customer Loyalty In Real Estate

The National Association of Realtors reports that 87 percent of homebuyers worked with a real estate agent to purchase a home. Customer loyalty is critical in the real estate industry as agents tend to rely on referrals from existing customers to help build and sustain their business.

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Employee Wellness Starts at Home

Corporate health & wellness programs focus on supporting employees in their attempts to reach health goals or to live a healthier lifestyle, but the majority of efforts are spent on improving the lives of employees during their workday and in the workplace: healthy lunch options, bike commutes, office gyms, etc. But companies are starting to look beyond the workplace to employee homes and the role that a healthy, hazard free home plays in their overall health and wellness. With most employees spending more than half of their lives in their homes, encouraging them to create and maintain healthy living spaces is becoming a hot topic.

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CVS Pharmacy® November Wellness Newsletter

Top stories from the CVS Pharmacy® November Wellness Newsletter!

The winter months are usually one of the toughest for employees. As the weather gets colder and the holiday appraches, your employees are likely to face illness, financial stress, and lack of sleep. In this edition of the CVS Pharmacy® November Wellness Newsletter, we focus on the best ways to keep your workforce healthy, both physically and mentally, highlights on the latest news from CVS and their flu shot eGift card, and resources on wellness incentives.

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[Infographic] The Best Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your Corporate List

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, managers, supervisors, and the like are thinking about what to get their employees, clients, and vendors as a holiday gift. The majority of consumers prefer gift cards over other holiday gifts, including cash! Many prefer gift cards over other holiday gifts because it gives them the chance to have an "experience", like going to a restaurant, buying something they have had their eye on, or sharing it with their friends or family.

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