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Lauren McAuley

Lauren McAuley is the Marketing Manager at GiftCard Partners and is responsible for managing the marketing and program development of GiftCard Partners clients' brands. Formerly a resident of the sunshine state, she's now a farm girl in the middle of Iowa. She's a big believer of keeping things short and sweet, getting to the point, and being helpful in the process.
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2015 B2B Gift Card Study, Industry Trends

GiftCard Partners, Inc. has been at the forefront of B2B gift cards since we started out more than a decade ago. Some might call it obsession, others might say it's our job, but we like to use one word in particular, passion. That passion led us to commission a B2B Gift Cards Study back in 2013. We teamed up with
Shapiro+Raj, a research company with more than 50 years of experience of conducting behavior and opinion research, to get a clear pulse on the B2B Gift Card Industry. As a company we are constantly learning and evolving in the marketplace as trends in technology, payments, wellness and much more continue to grow. In order to be the best partner for our clients, we needed a strong understanding of what was happening out on the front lines, with the consumer, not just B2B. Our 2013 B2B Gift Card Study did just that. We focused on two key areas:

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IMA Summit 2015, The After Show

Boots are packed away as everyone heads home from the  IMA Summit 2015 in Nashville, TN, hosted by the  Incentive Marketing Association. The show brought together the biggest names in the incentive industry and gave them a forum to "Connect & Collaborate" with each other. Each session from the 3-day summit encompassed a mixture of the latest trends in the industry as well as plans for the future. Some key highlights from the show included:
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Summer Gift Card Ideas

In our recent post, Gift Cards are the Go-To Gift for Summer, we talked about the popularity gift cards were gaining in the gift market throughout the spring and into summer. According to a recent survey from the Retail Gift Card Association, 70% of shoppers planned to buy a gift card for occasions like Father's Day, weddings, graduations, and birthdays.

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Consumer Mindset on Redemption & Choice in Loyalty & Incentive Programs

Download NowThe better the choice, the more apt the person is to be active in the loyalty or incentive program, pursuing the desired behavior in order to earn the reward. Loyalty program participation is a problem for many companies. According to the Colloquy Loyalty Consensus released in February 2015, the average household is “involved” in 29 programs, but active in only 12.1.

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CVS Health's Corporate Responsibility Makes Top 100 List

Last week Corporate Responsibility Magazine announced its 16th annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens List and CVS Health cracked the top 30, representing one of only three retailers that made the list this year. According to CR Magazine the 100 Best List documents 303 data points of disclosure and performance measures - taken from information in seven categories:

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