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Rachel Merkin

Rachel Merkin is the lead content writer for GiftCard Partners and is passionate about all things marketing. Getting effective messaging from a company to its audience gets her out of bed in the morning. When she’s not finding innovative ways to discuss the gift card industry and how it might affect your business, she could be running, or spending time at the beach.

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3 Things to Focus on for National Safety Month 2017

With June being National Safety Month, it’s important to make sure your employees’ overall health and well-being are a top priority in 2017 and beyond.

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What Makes A Recognition At Work Program Successful?

When it comes to evaluating employers, potential employees are looking beyond compensation to company culture and recognition at work.

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How Engaging Millennials In The Workplace Is The Key To Success

Engaging millennials in the workplace has been a challenge for employers since they've joined the workforce.

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How To Revitalize Your Employee Benefits Program

Employee benefits programs are a critical component to compensation, so don’t you want to make sure it works for your staff?

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3 Good Ways To Donate Unused Gift Cards To Nonprofits

Donating unused gift cards is a great way to contribute to your favorite nonprofits, especially local organizations that make a difference in your community. 

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