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How To Promote Employee Engagement And Reduce Sick Leave

Posted, by Rachel (Merkin) Welt on 03/24/2017

Sick leave drastically affects all businesses, with the flu alone claiming $7 billion in productivity losses, according to the CDC.

The CDC reports that employees lose 111 million days to the flu annually.

Employers can recoup some of that sick time and money by engaging employees in their own healthcare, and they can also promote the benefits of flu shots and other immunizations.

Employee Engagement In Healthcare

Getting employees engaged in their healthcare should be a priority for all employers.

Employees can take responsibility for their own health and well-being by exercising, eating a proper diet and quitting smoking, while reducing the healthcare costs incurred by their employer.

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Creating A Sick Leave Action Plan

Having dedicated sick time, separate from vacation, gives employees the flexibility to stay home when they aren’t feeling well.

If your company offers paid time off, which includes sick and vacation days, employees might not manage it well enough on their own to allow for sick leave.

Sick days give employees the opportunity to stay out of the office when they're feeling under the weather, so they can rest and prevent spreading their illness to co-workers. 

Encouraging Immunization

Making sure employees take preventive health measures is an effective way to involve them in their own healthcare.

Helping employees get flu shots and other preventative immunizations is a great way to curb the loss of productivity even in the height of flu season.

Providing CVS flu shot gift cards is one way to safeguard your employees from certain illnesses.

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With pharmacies nationwide offering flu shots, ensuring your employees get one is the key to keeping them healthy.

Employee engagement and minimizing sick leave are inextricably linked.

By engaging your employees, you can reduce the effect sick time has on your company’s productivity.

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