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Reward Your Employees With CVS Gift Cards

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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When your employees finish a project in record time, rewarding them with any one of three CVS gift cards may be a practical yet wise choice, especially if you don't know where they like to eat or shop.

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Keeping The Flu At Bay

Yes, winter is finally over and spring has arrived, but that doesn't mean your employees are suddenly free and clear from influenza. 

As a matter of fact, CBS Minnesota reports that there have been more than 2,000 cases of the flu reported this season in Minnesota — 500 more than last year at this time. 

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By rewarding your employees with CVS Pharmacy flu shot eGift cards, you're not only able to say thank you to them for completing an important task, but the gesture also shows how much you care about their health and wellbeing. 

Recognizing Your Sales Team

If some of your employees unfortunately came down with the flu but battled through it and still helped your team break a longstanding sales record, for example, you can reward them with CVS Pharmacy gift cards


Both healthy and sick employees can use the gift cards to buy healthcare products or prescription medications at more than 7,800 CVS locations.

Rewarding Employees' Health & Wellness Accomplishments 

Sometimes, work teams can get a little competitive on the job and even outside the office, such as participating in a weigh loss challenge, to see which group drops the most pounds in a month.


Whichever team wins the challenge can be rewarded with CVS Select gift cards, which encourage better health and wellness in several different areas including eye and ear care and oral hygiene.

While there might be other gift cards that are excellent options if you fully understand each employee's individual preferences, CVS gift cards may be the safer bet when it comes time to reward your hard-working employees.

To buy CVS Pharmacy or Select gift cards at a bulk discount, fill out their respective forms to kickstart your order.

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