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3 Ways To Incentivize Employees By Using Gift Cards

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about new ways to incentivize your employees using gift cards that appeal to their interests.

If your team has been working hard all winter to achieve specific objectives, they should be rewarded for reaching those goals.

Here are three ways you can incentivize your employees with gift cards in the new season:

1) Reward Employees With Golf & Pizza: When your team exceeds its goals, one way to incentivize employees is to take them on a team outing: what better way to welcome spring than with a round of golf and pizza.

Alternatively, you can reward your team, for example with Go Play Golf and Domino's gift cards.

With golf season gearing up, you can not only give employees the choice to play at 5,000 golf courses nationwide, but also the option to add drinks, wings and other menu items to go with the pizza of their choosing.

These gift cards also allow you to include a brief personalized message that you can tailor to each employee.

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2) Encourage Cost-Saving Behavior: If your employees do a significant amount of travel for work and manage to keep their expenses under budget, reward them with a combination of Autozone and Speedway gift cards.

Workers can use these cards at any time—there's no expiration date to worry about—for local road trips to cover vehicle expenses, such as parts and gas, respectively.

Employees are likely to continue monitoring their work-related travel expenses closely to keep them as low as possible so they'll have an opportunity to be rewarded in a similar fashion down the road. 

3) Invest In Training Opportunities: By incentivizing training, you can celebrate employees' milestone achievements, such as earning a certification or license, by buying them gift cards to restaurants with a wide variety of menu options, including Boston Market and The Cheesecake Factory

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