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Strategic Loyalty: Engaging Clients with Personalized Gift Cards

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Personalization is emerging as the new standard for client interactions. For example, customized gifts constituted over 50% of corporate holiday gifting in 2022, reflecting clients' desire for tailored experiences2. Clients perceive personalization in business as positive experiences that make them feel valued and unique.

"Personalization is important because it shows that you respect and appreciate them as individuals, not as generic segments or transactions." 1

In fact, 46% of survey respondents admitted that they were more likely to continue business with a vendor who gave them a year-end gift. 

This emphasizes the importance of client engagement programs for business growth. When strategizing client engagement and personalized loyalty program initiatives, it's vital to consider methods of rewarding clients and sustaining engagement over the long term. 

Personalized gifts, like gift cards, elevate the client experience through customization, fostering a sense of individual recognition rather than treating them as one among many. Personalizing rewards enhances the experience compared to generic gifts, encouraging loyalty and recurring business. 

How to Use Personalized Gift Cards in Your Client Engagement Program 

In a recent study, gift cards were #1 on a list of corporate gifts clients would like most to receive2. 

Using personalized gift cards in client programs requires careful planning to ensure they provide a good return on investment. To promote loyalty and create memorable experiences, every aspect of the interaction should be personalized, from gift card selection to delivery method. 

With the Engage2Reward™ Gift Card Ordering Platform, senders can select relevant brands for recipients. With over 250 eGift card options, you can tailor meaningful rewards to each client. Additionally, the Engage2Reward™ Choice Card allows recipients to allocate the gift value to a brand or multiple brands of their choice within the platform.  

eGift cards sent through the Engage2Reward Platform can be accompanied by personalized messages or digital greetings, ensuring your recipient feels acknowledged as an individual. With just a few clicks, you can send a Spa Week gift card to your client and encourage them to treat themselves after a hectic project sprint. Alternatively, a client who travels frequently would appreciate an AutoZone® gift card to help maintain their daily driver. 

E2R_Choice_Card_LargeCarefully consider denomination when selecting gift cards for clients and partners. While survey respondents stated that $100 was the ideal gift value2, personalized gifts for clients don't have to break the budget. Appropriate value is highly dependent on the business relationship and the gift itself. For example, $15 goes much further at Dunkin' than at Best Western®. 

Ultimately, the goal is to provide a meaningful and useful gift that will address the recipient's unique needs or desires. If the gift misses its mark in either of those categories, the gesture will fall flat. This makes it more important than ever to use careful consideration when selecting personalized gifts for clients. 

The Impact of Personalized Gift Cards on Your Business 

Investing in the personal side of client relationships is crucial for realizing the benefits of customer engagement and loyalty programs. Relationship-driven engagement and personalized loyalty initiatives facilitate sustainable growth by fostering client loyalty and repeat business.  

Client Community: Personalized programs and rewards cultivate a sense of belonging among clients, creating a network of satisfied customers who contribute to business growth.  

Client Satisfaction: Building a stronger relationship with clients leads to more successful outcomes in partnership objectives, creating satisfied customers who are likely to give referrals or return business. 

Competitive Edge: Personalization in business sets you apart from your competitors. In a competitive landscape, your organization will stand out by going the extra mile to guarantee client satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Leveraging Personalization in Business

Personalizing the gifting experience strengthens the bond between the contact at your organization and the client, fostering loyalty and motivating clients to invest in the relationship. Positive interactions and memorable brand experiences drive client retention and advocacy, underscoring the importance of personalized loyalty and engagement programs. Thoughtful corporate gifting also gives your business a competitive edge with superior client care and satisfaction. 

When planning your client engagement and loyalty strategy, prioritize personalized gifts and rewards. This extra effort can make the difference between building meaningful client relationships that drive loyalty and simply engaging in gifting practices that lack impact. Ensure that your client rewards bring tangible value to recipients and your business by customizing them and creating memorable experiences for your clients.  

Although gift cards were rated at the top of most-desired corporate gifts, only 23% of businesses planned to send gift cards to clients in 2022. Ready to take advantage of the gifting gap and set yourself apart with personalized, meaningful gifts?

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