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The Latest Tools to Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity

Looking for the latest trends in employee motivation, engagement, incentives and rewards? In this month’s GCP eNews edition,
you’ll  find the
Tools to Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity, including: -          Wellness Programs in the Workplace: Technology that Inspires Healthy Living – for Mind and Body -          eNews Interactive: 4 Apps to Keep You On-Time and On-Task -          Wrapping up the Holiday: Improving Productivity during the Holiday Season -          The Safety Zone: The Key to a Successful Safety Program -         
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The Importance of Saying Thank You

Saying "thank you" is a small gesture that often goes a long way. In the workplace a simple "thank you" from a boss to an employee, or from upper management to a workforce can help keep employees motivated, loyal to the business, and productive. According to a survey this year of 2,007 people 
for from the John Templeton Foundation, only 10% of employees say thank you to a colleague every day, and a mere 7% express gratitude daily to a boss. The same study indicated that spouses, children, even mail carriers were more likely to receive a thank you or other gratification from adults in the workforce. The majority of HR managers believe that showing gratitude increases retention rates, and 49% of those HR Managers believe that the simple act of  saying "thank you" in the workplace can increase profits. Expressing gratitude to bosses, subordinates, and colleagues builds trust and culture in a company. For employers and management it is important to show gratitude, as well as express it. Providing small rewards for a job well done allows employees to feel the impact of a "thank you." Whether it is a simple 
CVS/Pharmacy gift card to help with everyday expenses, a gift card to 
The Children's Place to help get the kids special holiday outfits, or a 
1-800-Flowers gift card to help employees pass the gratitude on; small rewards given as "thank you's" to employees can go a long way.
For more information on the importance of saying "thank you" and expressing gratitude in the workplace check out this article from the Wall Street Journal.

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Making Employee Gifts Meaningful

As the holiday season approaches it is important to show appreciation for your employees, and ensure that end of year gifts that go beyond the standard holiday bonuses provide meaning and extra gratitude for employees. Here are 3 quick quick tips to make sure your employee gifts prove meaningful this year and motivate your employees into 2013:
1. Include a personal message: We often overlook the power of a written note, and written praise. Adding a personal note to a gift shows management takes the time to care personally for each employee and note their individual contribution to the company.

2. Know your audience: Choosing gifts based on your audience is important, because it shows employees that gifts were chosen with them in mind. If you give gift cards, which are flexible gifts that allow employees to do with them what they wish, choose brands that fit with the audience. For example, the employee who shops for gifts for a large family may benefit from a gift card to
Burlington Coat Factory or
Whole Foods Market, while a very health conscious employee may benefit from a gift card to
GNC or
NutriSystem. Knowing what your employees will appreciate makes the gifts more meaningful and memorable for your employees.

3. Offer non-monetary compensation: Choosing gifts that are non-monetary makes the gift separate from a traditional holiday bonus, rather than tacking on to it. It separates the gift from the bonus, which reminds employees how much their employers appreciates their hard work all year round, and into 2013.
For more information on giving meaningful employee gifts during the holiday season check out this article from Entrepreneur.com.

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How a Total Rewards System Benefits Employers

Using a total reward system for employees can benefit an employer as well. Offering rewards and incentives, as well as professional development opportunities for employees, helps control employee rewards cost as well as enhancing employee satisfaction. Incorporating even small rewards such as gift cards for a family meal at the Cheesecake Factory, or a shopping trip at Whole Foods Market or CVS/pharmacy, in addition to regular benefits and compensation can go a long way in keeping employees satisfied and content in their jobs. Here are 4 ways a total rewards strategy can benefit your employees, as well as your business.

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Help Your Employees Realize Their Dreams...It will Pay Off in the End

Helping employees realize their dreams and achieve personal goals will help your organization form a meaningful relationship with its employees. Employees want to feel support from their employers, and helping employees accomplish career goals and professional dreams will make them more loyal to your organization and more dedicated to your cause. Keep these 4 tips in mind when assessing how to motivate and support your employees: •
Start with Yourself: Identify your own dreams and goals, this will help you relate to the aspirations of your employees. •
Find out what your employees want from life: Sit down with employees, whether in formal meetings or over a casual lunch and find out what they want from life, and from their job. • C
all everyone on your team together for a dream meeting: Hearing peers talk about their dreams raises the level of inspiration, seeing management engage in these types of meetings shows support and dedication to employees. •
Follow up: Help employees accomplish their goals, whether one at a time, or by slowly helping all employees reach their dreams. Along the way provide rewards for a job well done. A meal at a family restaurant like
The Cheesecake Factory, a family shopping spree to
urlington Coat Factory, or a weekly grocery shopping trip to
Whole Foods Market funded by the employer will only help motivate and dedicate employees to your organization.
Loyal employees will stay around longer, work harder, and work more effectively for your company, investment in your workforce will return exponentially in organizational success. For more information check out this article from FastCompany.

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