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Prepare Employees for Success in 2022: Top Rewards and Incentives

The start of a new year is a time when employees feel refreshed, ready to pick up new habits, 2022 resolutions, and take on more challenges. It is a pivotal moment when employers have the chance to motivate employees to perform their best work and put practices in place that set them up for a successful work year. 

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Using Real-Time Sales Incentives to Improve Effectiveness

Your sales team is the engine of your company. Without their success, your company’s success isn’t an option. Keeping your team motivated with well-timed, well-executed sales incentives is critical to building a winning culture where loyalty, accomplishment and motivation are dominant.

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4 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity This Fall

Kids have gone back to school, fall is settling in and it’s time to encourage employees through the last quarter of the year. Keeping employee morale and employee productivity up during this part of the year is important, and the easiest way to do that is to keep them healthy and support health and wellness. Here are our top 4 picks for keeping employee productivity at an annual high this fall: 

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Employee Happiness Study Released

Employee productivity and employee happiness go hand in hand, so what makes employees happy? Recently “The Happiness Study” from Texas-based Blackhawk Engagement Solutions set out to find out just what those answers are. More than 1,800 American employees, both salary and hourly, were surveyed to find out what impacts employees’ happiness at work, what types of rewards and recognition are most motivating, and what additional strategies would employees participate in to increase engagement. Some of the key findings from the study included the following:

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Boost Employee Productivity Through Feedback

New research has shown that stressed out or unhappy employees are 
10% less productive than happy employees who feel able to manage their stress and responsibilities. So how do you help your employees manage stress and boost general employee productivity? Feedback. Obtaining this feedback can be as simple as a suggestion box. Providing anonymous forums within your office structure where employees feel confident that their message will be received but also won't be targeted as a result is crucial to obtaining honest feedback and thus improving your organization. The more channels you can open up for feedback in your organization, the more ways you can improve and make your organization best for everyone. When employees feel more comfortable and supported, productivity peaks and the best work gets done. It’s no secret that the best workplaces produce the best work. Providing avenues for feedback allows your organization to remain agile and flexible to employee needs. As you grow or shift demographics, anonymous feedback allows your organization to maximize employee productivity and support. You need to know what your consumers want so you can deliver. Similarly, you need to know what your employees want to make them the best they can be.

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