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The New Face of Marketing to Millennials: What Retailers Need to Know

Millennials are like marketing unicorns: tough to catch but oh-so-worthwhile when you do. Merchants are struggling with how to harness this power and use it to market to millennials, since the younger generation has tremendous spending power and is the largest growing segment of the American workforce.

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Internal Factors Lead to Organizational Growth Issues

Organizational growth issues exist in some form at almost every company. There can often be a “chicken or the egg” mentality between two opposing factors that often lead to a scramble instead of a steady positive growth curve. Most companies blame this on external factors like funding, the market, or even a competitor move. However,
new research from Bain & Company shows that most organizational growth issues actually stem from within the organization. According to the survey of 400 executives:

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5 Ways to Earn Credit Card Points & Cash Back

During the holiday season, it can be challenging to budget for gifts, decorating, and family gatherings. Earning credit card points can help you redeem that special something that may have been just slightly out of your budget. Racking up credit card points can be simple and quick with these expert tips on earning points in different ways this holiday season.

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3 Perks to Having a Virtual Office

Work has become a thing people do, and less a place where employees go. Work-life balance is disappearing due to our constantly connected society. So how can you keep employees happy, keep stress low and maximize engagement? Believe it or not, a virtual office environment might be the best solution. Here are three unique advantages to running your organization from virtual offices.

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Wearables Embed Employers in Health and Wellness Initiatives

Wearable technology is gaining popularity in the consumer market and has the potential to transform the way employers structure their employee health and wellness initiatives. The transformation will have an effect on the price tag of these initiatives, but the direct effect of incorporating wearable technology will ease the time it takes for employers to track employee wellness activity. 

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