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Are HRA's a Waste of Time & Money or Money Well-Spent?

From our eNews: Waste of Time & Money or Money Well-Spent? When creating our eNews, we sometimes come across information a little outside of health specific gift card news; this is such a piece.
We have seen writings representing both sides of the debate over health risk assessments and their value to an organization, and we feel that
this article outlines some great viewpoints and information. We're glad you stopped by! Leave a comment to voice your opinion or share an HRA success story ...
waste or worth it?

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Health and Wellness: Approaching Employee Enrichment, both inside and outside the office

According to a new industry white paper entitled “Beyond Employee Engagement: Creating Enrichment” indicates that employees want to feel truly cared for and valued as individuals.  Employees want employers to address both work and non-work factors in employees’ lives in order to create expectations that are built with employee’s whole well-being in mind.  The idea on the employer side is that if an employee is enriched and their work expectations are built around employee well-being they will perform to their fullest extent in their job.  This is a new trend that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of employee incentives, and takes a holistic approach to employee health and wellness.  Do you think this goes beyond professional boundaries, or is it a healthier way for employers and employees to interact?

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Improving Employee Health & Increasing Performance

In today's competitive workplace, the performance of employees is crucial for the success of any organization. However, what if I told you that one of the reasons for underperformance could be related to the physical or mental health of employees?

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Healthy Babies, Happy Moms: Family Wellness Incentives

In 2011, Cumberland County, NJ, grappled with an infant mortality rate of 8.9 per 1000 births, attributed to missed prenatal doctor's visits. To combat this, the county initiated the Baby Love program, incentivizing prenatal appointments with gift cards. This initiative aimed to ensure the health of both mothers and babies, especially in areas with limited access to proper prenatal care.

Fast forward to 2024, the program has evolved, integrating innovative strategies and partnerships. With updated statistics showcasing the program's impact, insights into its effectiveness have emerged. New initiatives, such as universal newborn home visiting programs, complement Baby Love, fostering comprehensive maternal and child health.

Parallel to corporate wellness trends, where incentives drive healthy behaviors, Baby Love aligns with health and wellness initiatives like office weight loss programs. The CVS/Pharmacy Select Card, designed for health and wellness, exemplifies the synergy between corporate and community health efforts.

Workplace wellness programs play a crucial role in fostering a culture of health-consciousness and proactive healthcare engagement among employees. By promoting healthy behaviors and providing incentives for participation, these programs not only improve physical well-being but also empower individuals to take charge of their health. This empowerment extends beyond the workplace, influencing employees to prioritize regular medical care, including prenatal checkups. By instilling a mindset of preventive healthcare, workplace wellness initiatives encourage individuals to seek timely medical attention, address potential health issues proactively, and adhere to recommended healthcare routines. In this way, the efforts of workplace wellness programs contribute to not only the overall health and well-being of employees but also to the broader community by promoting a proactive approach to healthcare utilization.

As communities embrace collaborative approaches to health, sharing experiences becomes pivotal. Have you participated in similar programs? Share your insights and experiences in the comments.

For more information on Cumberland County's Baby Love program and its journey, visit here.

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Another Example of Employee Wellness Rewards

Greg Williams, employee of MeadWestvaco Corp. in Richmond, VA likens his pedometer to his American Express card, because he never leaves home without it.  It is a big part of his companies employee wellness program, which helps him lose weight and gain money in gift cards (he has accrued about $800 in rewards so far).  To find more information about this program, or other similar programs check out this

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