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10 Ideas for 2014: Employee Incentives to Increase Productivity

Not sure if you need to freshen your employee incentives program to increase productivity for 2014? With 61% of employed workers staying open to or looking for a new job
1, employee satisfaction and fulfillment are keys to employee retention. The right employee incentives help hold on to your workers and they can also help increase productivity. The HR Writer offers their help in this area with their top 10 picks for “new perks to help maintain a high performance work environment.” Their number one pick includes handing out gift cards, at any time, and often – in gratitude for hard work. Perks shouldn't feel stale or expected; gift cards put the control in the hands of the recipient…the ultimate gift. And best of all, when companies purchase gift cards as employee incentives in bulk, they save. Check out more great ideas and perfect your perks for the new year.
Get the full hr-writer.com list here >> 1. Source:
Are You Monogamous? Exploring the new Job relationship Dynamic

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Are you looking to improve productivity, while keeping your employees motivated? Do you wonder how other industries that also run the programs you do implement them? Do you want to know how other people measure their employee incentive programs?

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How do Kraft, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Adobe Boost Productivity?

Ensuring wellness in and across organizations. Talent Management magazine outlines
Tips to Ensure Wellness Boosts Productivity, which offers us key considerations for a sound framework and wellness program structure, as well as
5 Key Steps to Workplace Wellness. These are both interesting articles and offer ideas, but they are summaries of concepts we’ve been hearing about for some time. Now that wellness programs have been running long enough to show increased productivity, healthcare cost savings for employers and employees, and bottom line ROI; what’s next for creating an even more holistic approach to wellness?
An online community comment to the “Tops to Ensure Wellness” article offers the concept of management also paying attention to employees’ emotional and psychological well being while at work. Since physical well being is only 1 facet of a person’s whole being, is this facet of manageable and measurable within health and wellness programs? Since incentives and rewards have become fundamental parts of wellness programs, can they also be used to motivate emotional wellness on a measurable basis? Let us know your thoughts by commenting here.

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