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Productivity Checklist: 7 Steps for Working Remotely Like A Pro

Many Americans are now a few months into working remotely—a practice that only a couple years ago seemed groundbreaking. When you transition to working from home, you’ll notice that there are key differences in setting yourself up for success compared to working on-site in an office. 

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GiftCard Partners Named One of the "Best and Brightest Companies to Work For"

Companies work harder than ever to retain employees and it can be difficult for employers to gain a pulse on how their workforce perceives their jobs. Work-life balance and flexibility for family and personal needs is one of the most important factors in keeping employees happy and performing well. The company I work for, GiftCard Partners (GCP) has found a secret to keeping employees happy and fulfilled via the company make-up - an entirely
remote workplace, which fosters work-life balance and family-time. This month, GCP was named One of the "Best and Brightest Companies to Work For" by the National Association for Business Resources. This national competition identifies and honors organizations who display a commitment to excellence in human resource practices and employee enrichment. Click here to learn more about the competition and the criteria. Looking for insight about how employees perceive their workplace flexibility? Check out an article I wrote, which was published in Working Mother Magazine. It discusses my personal vision of how a working mom can succeed, how GCP’s vision aligns with the needs of our staff and how it works for our company,. What will your company do in 2014 to foster work-life balance for your workforce?

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Is Your Workplace Participating in National Work & Family Month?

One of the healthiest and best possible workplace incentives is the feeling of moving closer to work-family-life balance. This is a topic that we at GiftCard Partners (GCP) know a lot about, not just because we provide gift card incentives to companies across America; but GCP is an entirely remote workplace. This allows us to achieve the best possible work and family balance. Forrester Research’s U.S. Telecommuting Forecast notes that 43% of the American workforce could be remote by 2016
1. This may not be or become a reality for your company, but there are steps all companies can take to promote work-family-life balance. Each year, members of Congress, businesses of all sizes, academic institutions, and work-life advocacy groups recognize October as
National Work & Family Month (NWFM). “"National Work and Family Month" is a national campaign led by WorldatWork’s Alliance for Work Life Progress designed to encourage employers, employees and communities across the nation to identify and discuss mutually beneficial work-life programs and policies.”
2 Is your workplace engaging in any activities around NWFM? Is your employer taking steps to create a healthy, work-life balanced environment? Leave us a message here about how your workplace is recognizing the importance of employer-sponsored work-life programs. 1. Source:
Wired - The New Workplace Reality: Out of the Office 2. Source:
WorldatWork Commends U.S. Senate for Recognizing October as "National Work and Family Month"

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Working Remotely and Choice: The Latest Incentives for Generation Y?

Internet and social media immersion is without a doubt second nature to Gen-Yers, AKA, Millennials. As a Generation X-er and an early technology adopter; I can clearly see how our most recent generation of college grads were born 1 step from where I was.  We've seen some recent research around shopping habits, customer loyalty, and working tendencies of Generation Y; I’ll bring these findings together here to offer insight in the realm of employee motivation, incentives and loyalty. “45 percent of Millennials would accept a lower-paying job with more flexibility towards social media access, remote work and technology choice than a higher-paying job with less flexibility.
1” This is a pretty big number, but should not cause much surprise. As an entirely remotely operating company, GCP expects people to work this way, it’s in our company DNA. But we did not expect that almost 50% of a generation would prefer it. (YAY for us/GCP). Are you an employer who will rise to this challenge, knowing that embracing a remote working situation is a core motivator and a recruiting competitive advantage? In a recent national poll conducted by the No. Carolina firm of Public Policy
2; It was found that generations precluding Gen-Y, are skeptical about younger workers' work ethics, motivation and engagement in their workplace. Gen-Yer’s said this about their own generation:

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GiftCard Partners Expands from Coast to Coast with Entirely Remote Workforce

Virtual work-force Promotes Company Growth, Family Values and a Healthier Environment

Aug. 16, 2011
/PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today
GiftCard Partners' (GCP)
Ed Shulkin and Deb Merkin announced 10 years of vision coming to fruition as their virtual workforce now stretches across all regions of the country.
New York,
Florida, and
Oregon are just a few of the company's remote workplace "home" offices. Read the rest of the PR Newswire release here:

GiftCard Partners Expands from Coast to Coast with Entirely Remote Workforce.

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