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Free Webinar: Making Dollars & Sense Out of Wellness Incentives

On Thursday, Aug. 4, four industry experts engaged in a candid discussion about the wellness incentive market. With four out of five employers offering wellness programs with the expectation of reducing health plan costs, there is a lot of pressure on the industry. However, if wellness incentives are not well executed, the return on investment benefits for employers will not be recognized. So who can you turn to for guidance through an evolving industry? Meet the panelists:

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Using Incentives to Drive Change in Corporate Wellness- Upcoming Webinar!

Upcoming Webinar! Using Incentives to Drive Change in Corporate Wellness Programs

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In our blog we've addressed how
employee wellness is now company culture, the benefits of keeping your employees healthy and the ROI that a successful corporate wellness program can generate. Now we turn our focus on how to drive change in corporate wellness. Without changed behavior being constantly encouraged and healthy behaviors adopted by employees, that corporate wellness you put so much time and energy to develop, implement and foster is pointless. When the GiftCard Partners team went to The Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress back in September we saw the level of importance being placed on corporate wellness and the challenge with employee engagement in the programs. This is no small problem, after all, if employees are not engaged then they aren't likely changing unhealthy behaviors, making all the work put into the program essentially wasted. This is where incentives play such an essential role in the ability to drive change in corporate wellness. But incentives come in all shapes and sizes (not to mention price tags), so how do you determine which to use and how they are presented to your program participants. Being the gift card company that we are, we took this opportunity to answer the question,

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Building Successful Employee Recognition

On October 29th GiftCard Partners Co-CEO Deborah Merkin joined Vicki Ravenel, VP of Business Development at Ultimate Choice and Bill Bradley, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Omega Management Group to discuss the impact employee recognition has on your consumer experience. The webcast, Employee Recognition Programs that Enrich the Customer Experience, talked to the importance of consistency, reward type and management support in building successful employee recognition. In addition, it reviewed:

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The B2B Gift Card Market is Changing, Are You Keeping Up?

The B2B gift card market is ever changing, especially in the Business-to-Business or B2B sector of the market. The B2B sector, which includes third party gift cards, loyalty and incentive programs, corporate wellness and more, now stretches to make up a significant piece of the gift card market.

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Just DAYS left to register for GCP’s U.S. Gift Card WEBINAR

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