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Building Successful Employee Recognition

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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On October 29th GiftCard Partners Co-CEO Deborah Merkin joined Vicki Ravenel, VP of Business Development at Ultimate Choice and Bill Bradley, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Omega Management Group to discuss the impact employee recognition has on your consumer experience. The webcast, Employee Recognition Programs that Enrich the Customer Experience, talked to the importance of consistency, reward type and management support in building successful employee recognition. In addition, it reviewed:

  • Why employee recognition is important to the health of your organization
  • How to separate motivation from recognition
  • Why cash is NOT the most effective recognition reward tool
  • The importance of setting measurable goals for your recognition program
  • Connecting employee recognition to measurable engagement

A recent World at Work study revealed that 65% of companies are more active with employee recognition programs than they were three years ago. Now more than ever it's important to take a closer look that you are investing smarter in your program and not necessarily just more. Taking into account factors unique to your workforce like demographics, psychographics, and multi-generational components are key to ensuring that your program provides rewards that are valued by all of your employees, not just the longest tenured or the newest. Finding flexible options for your employee recognition programs is critical to its long-term success. Many employers who are either just implementing a program or working to expand their program are concerned about the financial risk of offering expensive recognition rewards and not seeing the return in the form of employee loyalty, retention, and/or engagement.
This webcast is meant to serve as a resource to reduce the risk of your program implementation and build successful employee recognition. Our experts will help you identify best practices and set measurable goals, regardless of the size or makeup of your organization.
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