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Published in Working Mother Magazine Online: How Being Part of a Remote Workforce Works for Me


"Finding a company that allows me to work from home has allowed me to organize my life with my family my way. But it takes vision and commitment from the top down." by Stacey Sicurella.

My recent company-wide meeting brought it all together for my co-workers and I – how we have found a way to have our version of work-life balance. We gathered in the comfortable
Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, conference center, most of us having just met for the first time. We did some getting-to-know-you exercises and learned that a sales rep from Oregon is thankful to see the sun of Boston; another from Florida was happy to feel the cool air; our sales VP  relaxed amidst the lack of bustle compared to her New York City office; our VP of Marketing lived in 17 different places.  And I found that I was happy to be with so many co-workers who are much like me–90% of them to be exact. We learned a great deal about our company culture, how that culture came about and why we were all attracted to our employer. I suppose this is the goal for any corporate off-site or team-building event, but for us, it was much more personal. We are a small company made up of professionals who have chosen to work for a company on the cutting edge of work environments…entirely virtual.

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GiftCard Partners = Entirely Remote Workforce, View the Trend

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GiftCard Partners is Published in Working Mother Magazine Online

I recently posted a response and opposing side to a story called “The Myth of Work Life Balance”, which stated that there was no such thing as this balance, that this idea is a pathetic chase and unattainable. Of course, I scathed out my side, practically offended that a woman would advocate “giving up” our journey to work-life balance; it doesn’t exist. Honestly, I’ve felt a bit unsettled that my attempt at debunking this myth was just one mom’s personal story and perspective and not representative enough of others’ truths. However, my company meeting gives us proof otherwise.

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