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2015 Workplace Wellness Trends Survey Released

Workplace wellness trends have been a hot topic over the last few months.  Recently, the 
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, released
Workplace Wellness Trends: 2015, an in depth survey conducted last October which uncovered the most prevalent types of initiatives, wellness offerings and trends, wellness outcomes and ROI, as well as incentives and strategies.  78% of the survey findings were from US organizations while 22% were from Canadian organizations.  The glaring difference between the US and Canada was the focus on the healthcare system.  The Affordable Care Act's influence has most US organizations focusing more on controlling health-related costs while Canadian organizations were more likely to focus on investing in employee health and engagement. Here are some other notable survey findings:

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Incentives for Millennials

Millennials, those who currently are in the 18-33 age range, will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. This generation posses an entirely different outlook on workplace culture than the generation before them. Technology is the primary Millennial influence, both in and out of the workplace. What are the best incentives for millennials to be motivated? Growing research shows that point system incentive programs have the highest success level, especially with Millennials. These employees want to not only be recognized, but they also want choices in how they are rewarded as well. Points programs are virtually foolproof, easy to understand, appeal to the interests of many different types of participants, tend to have higher participation rates, and are just plain fun! One amazing employee points program incentive model is the Values In Action program at CVS/pharmacy. An online rewards system where colleagues and managers can recognize one another by granting points that are redeemable for merchandise, travel vouchers, gift cards, and even the option to make a charitable donation. While points programs work best for Millennials, they can be customized for any diverse workforce. 
For more information on why points programs are so popular check out this article by Quality Incentive Company.

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3 Tips for a Successful Safety Incentive Program

A safety incentive program decreases losses for organizations by keeping employees safe, happy and at work. Implementing a successful safety incentive program has to work for your workforce and offer the right types of incentives to keep employees engaged. Here are 3 quick tips for ensuring success in your safety program.

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Employee Recognition for National Work & Family Month

National Work & Family Month (NWFM) isn’t just a conceptual idea to prompt employers to take work life balance seriously. The U.S. Senate has declared this an annual event, stating that “reducing the conflict between work and family life should be a national priority."1 Utilize the month of October to celebrate your workers’ families, personal interests, and personal goals. You could hold month-long inter-office contests with prizes that reward for their enthusiasm and participation, offer spot-rewards for employee recognition, encourage folks to share their work-life and work-family balance ideas, and hold prize drawings. What are America’s most prized rewards? Gift cards. They make the perfect reward for workplace events and celebrations.
Whole Foods Market gift cards for high quality foods and treats for loved ones,
Speedway gas and
Autozone gift cards to show appreciation for the long commutes that take away from family time,
The Children’s Place for outfitting young families…you get the picture.
Click here to visit Life Meets Work, to discover how you can prepare for and execute a thoughtful National Work and Family Month. 1. Source:
Alliance for Work-Life Progress

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Introducing Yo-Fi Wellness – The Latest in Wellness Gifts for Employees

Yo-Fi Wellness is churning some serious waves in the sea of corporate wellness incentives! As employer healthcare costs continue to rise; innovative wellness incentives continue to offer companies of all sizes the latest in corporate wellness incentives and wellness gifts for employees. This online platform brings healthy living initiatives to employees through inspiring and instructive video programs, on any device. Offering expert yoga, fitness, nutrition and meditation video content, Yo-Fi Wellness empowers employees to live a healthier lifestyle, reducing absenteeism in the workplace and improving employee productivity. The Yo-Fi Wellness digital platform is the perfect solution to providing corporate gifts, incentives and rewards via gift cards and e-Certs.

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