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Three C's to Maximize your Gift Card Incentive

Selecting the right gift card for your incentive program can be challenging.  You want to satisfy your employees and not break your budget.  Here are the "three C's" of maximizing your gift card incentive program:

  • Cache –  It can be difficult to determine which card will deliver the levels of compliance and enthusiasm you're looking to foster in your employees. Choose a gift card that employees will view as a special reward getting them products they want from desired retailers
  • Cost (to you and your employees) – Be sure to avoid dormancy or maintenance fees for the cards you purchase for your incentive program. Some companies charge an additional fee just to purchase their cards, and some cards lose value if they go unredeemed for a period of time. That can be disappointing to your employees and your budget.
  • Choice – Look for flexibility in face value instead of required dollar amounts or minimum purchase requirements. Think about flexibility in terms of purchase options, too. Choose cards that can be used both in stores and online, so your employees can shop at their convenience.

For more information on gift card incentives check this article out.

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