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Interesting Ways to Engage Customers or Promote Products with QR Codes

Although created in 1994 by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave; We’re starting to see these vehicles quite often now, QR Codes (quick response). They deliver a message, coupon, gift card, or transport someone directly to a website via an embedded link in the code. They connect the print or physical advertising world to the mobile and online realm.

QR Code for Calvin Klein in NYC

But what can you expect if you take the time to use them and your customers install the app on their smart phone? Here are a few interesting ways QR Codes could be used to engage consumers, promote products or brands or compliment your social media strategy: 1. Bridge the gap between offline and online marketing by including QR Codes on marketing elements such as print ads, billboards, window displays, in-store signage and direct mail. 2. Expand product information and company information via QR Codes on product packaging and literature. 3. Get customers on the telephone by creating a QR Code that will automatically dial a predetermined number. 4. Do your staff wear a uniform? Why don’t you add a QR Code to their attire and encourage customers to snap them? 5. Property or Estate agents can also add QR Codes on For Sale signs to give passers by a peek inside. 6. Put a QR Code on company cars – This is ideal for mobile users stuck behind you in traffic. 7. Publishers can use QR Codes on book and magazine covers that will enable the browsing of reviews. 8. Give access to your user manuals in a variety of languages via a QR Code link. 9. Doctor’s waiting rooms and hospital halls can quite easily become libraries with QR Codes linking those waiting to ebooks and other digital entertainment. 10. Why not go the whole way and make your entire business premises into one big QR Code? Source: http://websitemarketingconsultant.co.uk/qr-codes/

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