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Are Your Company & Personal Holiday Shopping Habits Reflected in this Infographic?

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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“After years of recession-fueled frugality, more Americans are feeling the holiday gift-giving spirit in 2011”, says a recent USAA survey. Has your company’s holiday giving increased this year? Budgeting was likely done a year ago, but are you spending more for employee and customer gifts due to better times or do you fall in the “budget glue” category? Have you thought of
gift cards as budget glue? You can literally stick to the dollar of your company gift giving budget with flexible denominations, while giving the gift that people really want – choice!

CreditCards.com infographic: More Americans to give gifts in 2011 holiday season
CreditCards.com, Infographic: Americans ramp up gift giving for 2011 holiday season

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