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Gift Card Marketing as an Advertising Strategy

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Retailers' preparation for the holiday shopping season is now in full swing, and as retailers look for last minute ways to boost their year end revenue; gift marketing becomes a very effective option.  Gift marketing uses gift cards as a device for loyalty and rewards. Giving bonus gift cards to shoppers for spending a certain amount turns a gift card from a one-transaction device into a revenue boosting loyalty device that keeps shoppers coming back. It shows appreciation and gives the essential value-added incentive that shoppers look for as they shell out their holiday gift spending.

Are you a retailer looking to boost holiday revenues? Review these tips from Heartland Payment Systems:

  • Attract new customers by pre-loading cards and partnering with neighboring, non-competing businesses to distribute your cards to their best customers. Plus, you can surprise and delight your existing customers by handing out cards from the other local partnering businesses.
  • Make your promotions visible by having employees wear promotional buttons and by posting prominent signage in and around your store or restaurant.
  • Train employees to remind shoppers that gift cards are perfect for teachers, mail carriers, hair stylists and others they would like to thank during the holiday season.
  • Encourage customers to spend more and return more frequently by setting a visit-based reward that specifies the number of visits and minimum purchase amount to receive the reward back on the card.
  • Offer top-up rewards that encourage gift card purchasers to load more money onto their cards to receive the extra reward.

For more information on holiday revenue boosting and gift marketing click here.

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