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How Will You Achieve Your Next Generation Loyalty Program?

Many retailers and merchants decide to go it alone when it comes to creating or updating their customer loyalty program. But those who have an existing loyalty program still need to ensure it remains fresh and offers the best of what customers are expecting. Truly, you should be thinking about going beyond basic loyalty, to gain loyal customer and brand advocates. Here are some simple steps to take to update your program…and keep those customers coming back.

  • Check on up-to-date market research and demographics, where your customers hang out could change over time
  • Ask yourself: Who ARE my next generation customers?
  • Where do your existing customers and those you want to acquire hang out? Is print media still the best way to reach them,  or are they on the other side of the gamut, and Facebook is “old hat”?
  • What makes your followers tick, what are their core values, what do they really want from your brand or merchandise?
  • Should you increase the flexibility of your program by offering incentives and rewards like gift cards, which compliment your brand or share your values?
  • What loyalty program features are your competitors offering and are the features of value to your customers?

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