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Keeping Meaning in Rewards

Rewarding employees can become trite and lose its meaning. Sometimes coming up with interesting ways to recognize exceptional employees like presenting a public reward or giving an innovative gift such as a gift card, instead of cash can make the reward more meaningful. Here are a few quick criteria for keeping meaning in your employee rewards program.

  • Spell out the criteria- Be clear about how employees can qualify to win rewards. Define what it takes to be a top performer.


  • Customize prizes- Giving gift cards is a fantastic way to customize gifts. Offering gift cards to an employee's favorite retailer is a great way to customize the reward without breaking a budget.


  • Recognize multiple top performers- This prevents an employer from placing arbitrary limits on which employees can be recognized. If many employees perform exceptionally, recognize them all.
  • Limit the kind of awards- Recognizing employees for a limited number of specific skills maintains the meaning of the awards and the opportunity to recognize employees with unique skills.

For more information on how to maintain meaning about employee rewards and how to think of employee rewards in an innovative way check out this Inc. article.

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