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Loyalty Programs: Rewards Points vs. The Big Picture

Loyalty360 brings us an interesting concept that loyalty programs are often misconstrued as the final parts of what should be considered the small pieces of their make-up, the points, rewards, and deals. In
Changing Times by Phil Rubin, CEO of rDialgoue speaks with us about what’s really important in loyalty: the building of one-on-one relationships with customers. Most retailers and merchants think of points as so central to their customer loyalty, yet Amazon doesn’t have a standard points program, yet they have one of the most loyal customers in the industry.
How does Amazon do it? And, what can you learn from brands that go beyond points and rewards to engender loyalty and trust? Check out loyalty360’s article
Changing Times and their 360 podcast.

Topics: Gift Card Trends, Retailers & Merchants, Rewards & Loyalty, General Gift Card, Customer Loyalty

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