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3 Key Ways Leadership Should Engage Employees

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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According to a recent Gallup poll 71% of employees felt either  “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their job. The emotional disconnect running rampant in professional settings across the country leads to decreased retention, and lack of employees' emotional investment in their jobs. To prevent your employees from feeling disconnected at work, here are three simple ways to engage them. When an organization's leadership takes the time and financial investment and puts it toward employee happiness and engagement it shows employees their organization supports the individuals that make it successful. I would swap these two sentences, that way when you say here are three ways in goes straight into them.

1. Employee training: Ongoing training and professional development help employees advance their careers. If you, as their employer, provide that training, they will want to apply that new knowledge and skill with your organization, and advance from within, rather than seek out a new position.
2. Employee advancement: Making sure employees' skills are utilized to their maximum potential is crucial for both employee and organizational success. Managers need to be empowered to mentor, recommend specialized training as appropriate, and even recommend raises and promotions.

3. Employee recognition: Research shows time and time again that salary and benefit compensation does not always lead to employee engagement and satisfaction. Creating a program for employees where they can earn rewards such as gift cards, and additional time off for exceptional performance, helps increase motivation which is a win/win for employers and employees.

How do you plan to lead your company? Investment in your employees will provide a significant ROI, so develop, recognize, and reward your employees today. 
For more information on how leadership can engage employees check out this article from Crain's Cleveland Business here.

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