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3 Key Points to Gamifying Your Workforce

Gamification continues to grow in the workforce motivation realm. The gamification market was estimated at around $100 million a year ago, and is projected to from to $2.8 billion by 2016, according to M2 Research. Five years from now, every new employee entering the workforce will have grown up with mobile devices and Facebook, this means the demographic in the workforce is accustomed to constant gaming and media stimulation. To ensure your gamified employee motivation and recognition is executed properly follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Create a Team Dynamic: Companies who incorporated a team environment to the gamified competition showed a marked increase in participation and the effectiveness of motivation. Slalom Consulting CEO Brad Jackson cited his gamified employee recognition and reward program participation grew from 5% to 90%, upon incorporating a team aspect, and recognition scores went up from around 45% accuracy to 89%. Employees simply did not want to let their teammates down and worked harder to achieve goals when they were part of a team.
  • Incorporate Real Rewards: Point systems can work, but there have to be tangible rewards behind those points. Whether you incorporate financial bonuses, gift card rewards allowing employees to choose their reward from a selection of popular brands, or other tangible rewards such as an extra vacation day, employees have to get rewarded with real, impactful incentives. The rewards have to align with what your employees find valuable. Surveying your employees to evaluate what rewards would be meaningful is an inexpensive way to ensure your gamification program is guided in the right direction
  • Innovate your game environment: If the "game" aspect of your employee motivation and rewards program becomes stagnant or stale it will become less effective with your employees. Keep content fresh, changing, and innovative. In a time when media is always changing and reaching people in new ways, employees expect the gaming medium will keep that same pace. It will always change and challenge in order to motivate.
How do you engage your employees? Would you consider adding a gaming component to your incentive and rewards program? 
For more information and tips on optimizing a gamified employee motivation and incentive program check out this article from PC Advisor.

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