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Safety Program Incentives for Exceptional Behavior

Worker safety programs can be controversial, but time and time again they prove their ROI. When safety incentives are implemented correctly, safety programs can extend and improve worker safety records. The money invested in incentivized safety programs is returned in lower insurance costs, a happier workforce, and improved safety in the workplace. Here are 3 steps to properly implement a worker safety program within your organization.
1. Make safety a core value. Making safety a core value at your organization, and reiterating safety messages constantly to employees will ingrain the safety programs message into employees professional mindsets. When safety is top of mind for employees the workplace becomes a safer place, mitigating risk and cost associated with unsafe working conditions.
2. Set high expectations for safe behavior. Safety programs should be something that employees strive to excel in. Maintain high expectations for safety programs, and use safety incentives when appropriate. Only giving out rewards for employees who do an exceptional job, in more of an ad-hoc fashion, can be equally effective as a formally structured incentivized safety program. As they won’t know when safety incentives will be rewarded, an ad-hoc approach will keep employees striving for better and better safety metrics.
3. Commit management to worker safety. Keeping management invested in promoting worker safety is a key to success. Employees notice when management cares about their safety, and that is extremely motivational to the general workforce. Having managers invest part of their budget in safety incentives shows a tangible commitment to worker safety and shows the workforce that management is committed to safety program incentives for exceptional work. Budget investments can be spent on small denomination gift cards to popular retailers such as 
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