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Find the Right Amount of Choice for Your Incentive Program

Have you ever found yourself in a grocery store aisle trying to decide on the right kind of soap or toothpaste? Do you get moisturizing soap or the one with the lavender scent; do you go for whitening or tartar control? When people are confronted with too many choices they get overwhelmed and often peoples' brains shut down in response.The same can be said about the types of rewards in your incentive program. When your employees are selecting an incentive reward, after working hard to reach a goal or going above and beyond their job description, or even reach a milestone of loyalty to the company, the last thing you want is employees to feel like they are trying to select the right toothpaste. Employers need to find a balance in their incentive program by offering choice to employees that creates value in the incentive and is effective in soliciting desired behavior in the future, all while not overwhelming employees brains to the point of shut-down. Be sure to still  include choices in your incentive program to serve diverse populations, but be more conscious of the choices you give, without exceeding your program budget. Gift cards are a great way to control cost while offering flexible choices. Offering gift cards to 
The Limited for the fashionista on a tight budget, 
Whole Foods Market gift cards for the working moms, and 
Auto Zone gift cards for the car aficionados, provides value for a diverse group of employees. These flexible options add a personalized experience that will perpetuate desired behavior, loyalty, and satisfaction within the workplace well beyond the time the incentive is earned, without overwhelming anyone with choices.

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