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Employee Motivation to Boost Productivity

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Employee motivation can be key to maintaining productivity, especially during times of the year like summer when employees can be distracted with kids ending school, or simply the change of season and the nice weather. Providing incentives to create a positive company culture and make the workplace employees feel motivated and inspired to be can provide the motivation to keep your employees productive throughout distracting times. Check out these three easy strategies for employee motivation and see if you could use them to boost productivity this summer.

  1. Amenities: Having non-work related amenities such as an on-site gym, nursery, and cafeteria/break space are great ways to keep employees motivated. For "nice to have" amenities like a gym or cafeteria/break space employees stay focused because they have the flexibility to take breaks and clear their heads while still at work. For some a quick work-out during lunch, or a mid-afternoon break can boost their productivity and help them maintain focus. For "must haves" like child care, having amenities on site can take the stress out of working full time- knowing that outside obligations are covered.
  2. Education: Providing career development to employees at any level of your organization is a huge employee motivator. It shows employees that their organization is making a long term investment in their future. This drives them to work harder and make your organization a part of their bright future.
  3. Positive Recognition: Whether it is a simple "good job" after a job well done, an employee of the month award, or a small incentive like a gift card to popular retailers like The Limited, Boston Market, or Speedway everyone is motivated to keep up the good work when the boss takes notice.
What do you do to motivate your employees and keep them focused during the long summer months? Let us know, leave a comment.
For more information on other ways to motivate employees check out this article from Forbes.

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