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Informal Rewards Motivate Employees

Employee motivation is a great way to maintain positive morale, camaraderie and solid teamwork. However, too many employers get caught up in formal rewards with big price tags, when small, informal rewards can be just as effective and help a business save a lot of money. Here are a few ways to informally reward employees. 

  • Send out a weekly "Achievement E-mail Award" to the entire company acknowledging one outstanding employee. Be sure to call out specific behavior that this employee exhibited to gain the recognition, in order to motivate employees to follow suit.
  • Award the employee with a "plum assignment." Allow employees to pick what type of project the ywant to work on next. This keeps up their momentum, morale and motivation to continue to strive above and beyond.
  • Send flowers to one of the less recognized individuals. Sometimes the hardest workers are the quietest. The just reliably sit in the background getting the job done. These people deserve to be recognized, but wouldnt want to bepublicly acknowledged. When management quietly recognizes these individuals it shows personalization to the reward to meet that person's personality, further motivating the employee rather than embarassing them.

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