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When Work-From-Home Can Help Your Business

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Normally work-from-home policies are tight at small and large companies alike. But would a winter like this one be enough to change employers' minds? At GiftCard Partners, we all work from home every day, and while we understand that doesn't work for everyone, here's a compelling case for a work-from-home policy that allows employees flexibility and employers increased productivity. Here's a weather-related take on employees working from home:

  1. Business continuity: When employees work from home, it doesn't matter if it is 70 degrees and sunny out or if it has snowed two feet. Your clients and partners get the support they are looking for. Providing continuity to clients who may not be experiencing the same weather you are can improve relationships and go "above and beyond" your client and partner expectations.
  2. Avoid a gap in service: When a big storm hits, many conventional offices can be closed for not just one day, but several days. Extend your continuity to all of the days your city's offices may be closed or kids may be home from school. Even though we are in the first week in March it seems like the next storm still may be lurking around the corner.
  3. Improve employee morale: Employees value flexibility. While you understand the advantages of allowing employees to work-from-home as they need, employees value the flexibility. If kids are out of school, you could prevent employees from having a daycare crisis or risking their safety on the roads. Employees feel appreciated and your organization still meets, or exceeds, expectations.

For more information on how to implement an employee work-from-home policy that allows your employees increased flexibility check out this article from HR.BLR.com. 

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