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Employee Recognition Builds Motivation

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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No matter if you're in the mailroom or the corner office employee recognition has remained a constant in employee motivation. Regardless of the economy, or stage of career all employees want to be recognized and it inevitably leads to motivation and increased productivity. A lot has changed since the 90's, but back then high wages was an employees number one motivator. When employees were asked what motivates them the most more recently, full organizational appreciation of work done ranked number one. When asked for one thing that would motivate them more at work, 31% of employees mentioned better treatment including more praise and a sense of being valued within the organization. Employee recognition is a valuable tool. You can make grand gestures like a company retreat, or a paid vacation for top performers, or smaller expression of employee recognition that can be just as effective. A small denomination gift card to a popular retailer like
Boston Market or
Burlington Coat Factory, paired with a public call-out at a staff meeting can be a great way to give employees the satisfaction and sense of value that will motivate them and maintain a high level of productivity.
HR.BLR provides a great breakdown on what you can do to motivate your employees through employee recognition. When done the right way, employee recognition can motivate your whole organization and promote a culture of productivity and teamwork.

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