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Employee Rewards & Trophy Value

Employee rewards should be as memorable as the effort that employees put in to earn the reward. Building up trophy value will making lasting memories of employee recognition and employer appreciation that will maintain lasting employee morale.
Trophy Value Make employee recognition memorable for employees. Bonuses are nice but a short trip or a personal gift are memorable. A trip or gift don't end up paying the bills or put away in the savings account. These employee rewards allow employees to relax and treat themselves, without thinking they should be using the value for a practical purpose.
Choosing the Right Employee Reward Employee rewards are something employees work hard for and put in extra effort to achieve. The reward should fit the effort an employee exerts to achieve it. Don't forget the extra effort employees exert to earn rewards. The same way a punishment should fit a crime, an employee reward should fit the good behavior.
Cash Isn't Always King Cash bonuses are great in certain situations. We aren't telling you to get rid of the Christmas bonuses, but smaller spot rewards don't need to be all cash. Small denomination gift cards allow employees the trophy value of treating themselves to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, a new T.V. from Crutchfield, or a new outfit from The Limited. Gift cards allow employees to treat themselves without feeling guilty.
For more information on creating trophy value with your employee rewards check out this article from Incentive Magazine.  

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