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Whole Foods Market to Prove Value of Whole Grocery

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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In hoping to prove the value of whole grocery, Whole Foods Market is launching its first ad campaign this week. Crazy, right?

The grocery chain has been around for a while and has had such a prominent place in the organic and whole food market, but that space is getting more crowded. With other organic grocery options growing, including neighborhood upstarts, Whole Foods Market is ready to prove to the industry the value it brings to local farms and sustainable farming enterprises, the good it does for the community and its consumers. T

he fight for natural goods market share is real, but Whole Foods Market is up for the challenge. Providing quality to consumers and transparency in sourcing, boosting local economies and farming ventures is what Whole Foods Market is known for. The unique nature of the power Whole Foods has as a market leader to create value for all aspects of their business is unique.

Whole Foods Market rolling out their first full ad campaign is an opportunity for them to spread their message and prove their positive impact nationwide. To learn more about Whole Foods Market's upcoming ad campaign head over to the Denver Post.

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