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Employee Motivation Affects Your Bottom Line

thumbs upEmployees can be your greatest advocate or a horrible detriment to your customer interactions. They are face of your brand, and can create exceptional customer experiences that last in the minds of your customers or they can create bad experiences that leave a horrible bad taste in your consumers' mouths. Here are 3 ways that, when motivated, your employees can
positively affect your bottom line.

  1. Pride: Ever had a friend who loves their job so much and it feels like they never stop talking about it? If those employees are yours and they never stop talking about your organization, their happiness will instill confidence and dedication to their business.
  2. Recognition: Motivating employees when they act as ambassadors to your brand is a great way to gain their trust and repeat behavior. From a shout out at a company meeting, to a small on-the-spot rewards, or even an extra day off, employee recognition can keep your brand ambassadors singing your praises for months and years to come.
  3. Momentum: Organizing an employee motivation program to coordinate efforts is key to building momentum. Once your workforce is motivated and your brand ambassadors have been identified, keeping the momentum going and evangelizing your organization from within will continue the momentum that helps build client relationships and builds your business.

For more information on employee motivation and how it can affect your bottom line check out this article from ClickZ.

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